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Horizontal Machining Center H Series
horizontal machining centers cnc
horizontal machining centers cnc

Horizontal Machining Center H Series

H series CNC horizontal machining center/horizontal machining centers cnc is a kind of processing equipment mainly used for machining box, shell and special-shaped parts. It is often used in the production of automobile engine shells, molds and other related parts, and is very suitable for the general machinery industry. Its main basic components are made of cast HT300 material. In its production process, it adopts the first-class R&D methods such as 3D synchronous design and FEM finite element analysis, and has been improved N times in combination with the use. Its reasonable layout can ensure that the basic parts have good anti-twist and bending resistance, and have super precision stability.

H series is a horizontal machining center/horizontal machining centers cnc specially designed for BBT50 taper spindle, which is an ideal choice for mass production of large workpieces. The machine tool meets a wide range of complex processing needs, mainly from the automotive and engineering machinery fields. The H series can accommodate workpieces with a maximum part capacity of 400~1200 kg. All H series are equipped with an integrated turntable to improve the rotation accuracy.

  • 01

    The whole machine adopts advanced resin sand molding casting, and the internal stress is eliminated through annealing treatment and natural aging treatment.

  • 02

    The integrated ultra-wide base provides the most stable load support.

  • 03

    Z axis compound rail design ensures machining accuracy and stability.

  • 04

    C3 roller lead screw and pre-stretching are used to ensure the accuracy of axial operation.

  • 05

    The perfect structure design of the main milling head and column ensures the maximum spindle torque.

  • 06

    Automatic rotation device is selected to complete the processing requirements of multiple faces at one time.

A. horizontal machining centers cnc Machine tool protection

The machine tool adopts totally enclosed protection;
The X and Y axes are protected by armor to effectively protect the internal components of X and Y axes;
Z axis is protected by stainless steel telescopic shield;
The complete machine protection has the characteristics of good protection performance and long service life;
Effectively prevent iron chips and coolant from entering the machine tool and damaging the guide rail and lead screw.

B. A-axis swing head (optional)

Core functional components developed;
Equipped with brand spindle, the nose end of the spindle is designed to cooperate with the air curtain of the spindle for dust prevention, which can prevent sundries from entering and ensure the accuracy and service life of the spindle. Improve the service life of bearings;
The spindle precision cooling system is adopted to reduce the impact of spindle thermal deformation on machining accuracy;
Axis A adopts supercharged locking mechanism with large locking torque and stable and reliable locking;
Adopt high-precision absolute angle encoder, full closed-loop control, and high positioning accuracy.

C. Turntable

Core functional components developed;
The center of gravity driving design principle is adopted, which is not affected by the change of workpiece quality. Cooperate with the spindle to realize high-precision machining of multi-faceted parts;
Adopt direct motor drive, stepless drive, high efficiency, zero clearance drive to meet the requirements of high dynamic characteristics and high rigidity processing;
Equipped with turntable bearings with high axial and radial bearing capacity, high overturning stiffness and high accuracy, the turntable bears large load;
The turntable is locked by oil pressure, and the locking torque is large;
Optional high-precision absolute angle encoder, full closed-loop control, high positioning accuracy.

D. Main shaft of high-power and high-torque full-gearbox structure (optional)

The spindle is supported by large-span precision bearings, which can obtain extremely high accuracy and rigidity. When the spindle approaches the workpiece, it reduces the original tool length and effectively improves the cutting rigidity.

E. Heavy bed structure

The main structure of the machine tool is a T-shaped bed with a hanging box layout. The reinforcing ribs are arranged inside the bed to make the bed structure thick and have better processing rigidity.

F. Convenient double exchange workbench (adaptable)

The exchange workbench station is equipped with a special open platform for workpiece clamping, which is more convenient for the clamping of large workpieces, and ensures the convenience of workpiece clamping and the safety of operators.

G. Tool exchange system

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 Machine model H 50 H 50/1 H 63 H 63/1 H 80 H 80/1
 Workbench size (length * width) 500*600 500*630 630*700 800*800
 Number of workbenches 1 2 1 2 1 2
 Workbench exchange time
 Bench indexing 1°*360
 T-slot (slot length * slot width * spacing) 24*M16Screw hole
 Maximum load of workbench 600kg 900kg 1500kg
 Left and right travel of workbench (X-axis) 740 1050 1300
 Front and rear travel of workbench (Z-axis) 650 900 1000
 Up and down travel of main shaft (Y-axis) 680 750 1000
 Distance from spindle center to worktable 120-800 0-680 120-870 0-750 120-1120 0-1000
 Distance from spindle to worktable 130-780 130-1030 200-1200
 Spindle taper hole BT50
 Spindle speed 6000rpm
 Fast moving speed 25000mm/min
 Maximum speed of turntable 10s/min
 Magazine capacity 24/30/40/80
 Tool selection mode Random
 Maximum tool size (diameter * length) Φ125*400
 Adjacent without knifeΦ200*400
 Maximum tool weight 18kg
 Tool exchange time (tool to tool) 8S
 Machine weight 9500kg 10000kg 10500kg 11000kg 18000kg 21000kg
 Positioning accuracy Whole course 0.01 Whole course0.012
 Repetitive positioning accuracy Whole course0.006 Whole course0.008
 Maximum workpiece Φ750mm Φ820mm Φ1600mm


Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories
6000rpmSpindle speed: 6000rpm8000rpmSpindle speed: 8000rpm
Main shaft and servo motor load display40 cam magazine
Spindle and servo overload protection60 cam magazine
Rigid tappingThree-axis grating ruler detection device
24/30 cam magazineWorkpiece measuring system
Fully enclosed protective coverTool measuring system
Electronic handwheelSpindle internal cooling
Double spiral chip conveyorCNC rotary table
Automatic lubrication systemChain chip conveyor
Electronic thermostatTool length setter and edge finder
Spindle tool cooling systemOil-water separator
RS 232 interfaceSpindle cooling device


The horizontal machining centers cnc is suitable for high-rigidity five-axis linkage or pentahedron rough and fine machining of various steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal parts. It can complete the processing of space milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other ways by clamping at one time. The product is suitable for aerospace, tool industry, automobile industry, mold industry, mechanical processing, medical industry and other fields.

Applications of horizontal machining centers cnc

The fields involved include aviation, aerospace, energy, military and general industries. It is the key equipment for manufacturing complex shaped parts and five-sided processing of typical parts. The products also have the processing capacity of horizontal and vertical machining centers, equipped with automatic tool change system, and small size products can be equipped with pallet workbench exchange system, which can meet the basic requirements of establishing automatic production lines in specific processing areas.

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