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Fixed Double Columns Machining Center GTM Series
CNC double column vertical machining center
CNC double column vertical machining center
CNC double column vertical machining center

Fixed Double Columns Machining Center GTM Series

GTM series Fixed Double Columns Machining Center(CNC double column vertical machining center) is a gantry fixed beam structure, driven by the workbench. The fourth axis is equipped with worm gear transmission, high torque, ensuring good precision quality. The original imported spindle, high torque spindle, six sets of rings spray water and high speed make the cutting surface smoother. The fourth axis swings along the Y direction ±110°, and can process three surfaces at one time. High-quality AC servo motors, ball screws, linear sliders and electrical accessories are used to ensure that the equipment has good processing accuracy. It adopts a five-axis five-linkage control system with tool following function, which can process N complex surfaces at one time.

The CNC double column vertical machining center machine tool structure is made of cast iron, which has good vibration resistance, stability and accuracy retention.

10 indexes of gantry machine tool:

  • 01

    Integral all-cast structure

  • 02

    The head magazine and tool magazine can be separated from the column and independently fixed on the ground

  • 03

    The column is connected to the side of the base, and the column is independent and stable on the ground

  • 04

    Extend Y-axis travel to increase 5F machining space

  • 05

    Three-axis full-line rail to improve machining dynamics and accuracy

  • 06

    The two sides of the beam are positioned with oil pressure, stable

  • 07

    Increase beam height and depth to increase rigidity

  • 08

    Optional counterweight cutting four-rail ram 550 × five hundred and fifty

  • 09

    The levelness of the beam is 0.001/1000 due to oil pressure clamping

  • 10

    Triangular strong support makes the center of gravity fall inside the column

CNC double column vertical machining center Spindle box (ram)

● Optimal proportional section size 450 × 450mm ² (Standard)
● Heavy cutting of main axle box 550 × 550mm ² (Optional)
● Equipped with high-strength THK roller guide rail with symmetrical support

CNC double column vertical machining center Carriage

● Honeycomb layout integrated casting
● Stepped continuous rib design
● Reasonable optimal track span


● Box in box integrated casting
● Double-layer closed circuit structure
● Slider spacing layout is reasonable

CNC double column vertical machining center Base

● Box in box integrated casting
● Symmetrical three-wire rail
● The track is designed with large span, high base and high rigidity


● Box in box integrated casting
● According to the width of the door, match the best rigidity of the cross beam section
● Optimized beam design(The upper and lower span of the guide rail is increased, and the front and rear face distance is reduced)


● Box in box integrated casting
●+50% bottom area firmly supported
● The left and right joint surfaces are processed by manual chipping

1. Base [Taiwan sigma website]

2. Base design, X-axis rail adopts full-stroke support worktable, multi-slides and multi-rails share the load evenly, low wear, not easy to deform, low positioning accuracy, easy to achieve the precision of micro-movement, and high positioning accuracy Gate wide base – The number of track configurations will be increased according to the standard according to the different door widths to ensure the positioning accuracy of the workbench, share the workload of the workbench evenly, reduce and prevent thermal displacement and increase the service life of the track The door width is 2500mm~3500mm, and the base uses three roller type linear sliding; The door width is more than 4000mm, and the base uses four roller linear slide rails

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 Technical specifications Unit GTM2519 GTM3025 GTM4025 GTM5025 GTM6025 GTM4032 GTM5032 GTM6032 GTM8032 GTM10032
 Working size (length*width) mm 2700*1600 3200*2000 4200*2000 5200*2000 6200*2000 4500*2500 5000*2500 6000*2500 8000*2500 10000*2500
 Maximum load of workbench kg 8000 10000 10000 12000 12000 18000 20000 20000 29000 38000
 T-slot (slot number * slot width * spacing) mm 8-22*160 10-28*200 10-28*200 10-28*200 10-28*200 11-28*200+2-28*160
 28*250Transverse groove
 Door width mm 1980 2580 2580 2580 2580 3280 3280 3280 3280 3280
 X-axis/Y-axis/Z-axis travel mm 2500*2300*900 3500*2900*1100 4500*2900*1100 5500*2900*1100 6500*2900*1100 4500*4100*1200 5500*4100*1200 6500*4100*1200 8500*4100*1200 10500*4100*1200
 Distance from spindle end face to work table mm 180-1080 200-1300 200-1300 200-1300 200-1300 200-1400 200-1400 200-1400 200-1400 200-1400
 CNC system
 SIEMENS  Mitsubishi  FANUC

 X/Y/Z axis fast displacement mm/min 1-12000 1-10000 1-10000 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000
 Maximum cutting feed speed mm/min 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000 1-6000 1-6000 1-6000 1-6000 1-6000 1-5000 1-5000
 Automatic tool change system (not available for CNC iron)
 cam-type cam-type cam-type cam-type cam-type cam-type cam-type cam-type cam-type cam-type
 Number of standard tools (pcs.) pcs./kg 24/30/18kg 24/30/18kg 24/30/18kg 24/30/18kgOptional chain type 40/60kg

 Maximum tool diameter/length mm 120/400 120/400 120/400 120/400

 Positioning accuracy
 0.015 0.02 0.02 0.025 0.025 0.03/0.02/0.02 0.035/0.02/0.02 0.041/0.02/0.02 0.041/0.02/0.02
 Repetitive positioning accuracy kg 0.008 0.01 0.01 0.015 0.015 0.018/0.012/0.012 0.02/0.012/0.012 0.025/0.012/0.012 0.025/0.012/0.012
 X, Y axis guide rail mm 55 55 55 55 55(x axis 3 rails 5 slidersz-axis square ram) 55(x axis 3 rails 6 slidersz-axis square ram) 55(x axis 3 rails 8 slidersz- axis square ram) 55(x axis 3 rails 10 slidersz-axis square ram)
 X, Y axis screw rod mm 63*16/50*12/50*10 80*20/63*16/50*12 80*20/63*16/50*12 100*20/63*16/50*10 80*20/80*20/63*10 100*20/80*20/63*10 Rack and  pinion/80*20/63*10 Rack and  pinion/80*20/63*10
 Z-axis guide rail (optional square ram)
 T-type T-type T-type T-type T-type T-type T-type T-type
 Spindle specification (model/installation diameter), rotating shampoo, maximum speed
 Gear/belt Gear/belt Gear/belt Gear/belt Gear/belt Gear/belt Gear/belt Gear/belt
 Spindle motor power
 15/18.5 22/26 22/26 22/26 22/26 22/26 22/26 22/26
 Three-axis motor power kw 2003/3/3 2003/3/3 2003/3/3 2003/3/4 2004/4/4 2007/7/7 8/8/7/7Double-drive motor 8/8/7/7Double-drive motor
 Air demand kg/cm2 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5
 Power demand KVA 45 50 50 50 60 60 70 70
 Machine weight Τ 28 42 46 52 58 55 6669.8 88 95
 Overall dimensions of the machine (length * width * height) (excluding tool magazine) mm 7500*4650*4350 8800*6200*4800 10800*6200*4800 12800*6200*4800 14800*6200*4800 11000*6900*5500 13000*6900*550015000*6900*5500 19800*6900*5500 23800*6900*5500


Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories
Spindle speed BT50,6000Spindle speed BT50,8000/10000
Spindle belt driveSpindle gear drive
Main shaft and servo motor load display30/32 cam magazine
Spindle and servo overload protection40 cam magazine
Rigid tappingThree-axis grating detection device
24 cam magazineWorking measurement system
Fully enclosed protective coverTool measuring system
Electronic handwheelSpindle internal cooling
Automatic lubrication systemCNC rotary table
Spindle tool cooling systemChain chip conveyor

Tool length setter and hand tool

Oil-water separator

Spindle cooling device

Spindle center water outlet


Application of CNC double column vertical machining center

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