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How to choose the correct accessories for horizontal machining center
 Feb 20, 2023|View:183

With the increase of global industrial modernization, the requirements of some complex parts processing accuracy are also being optimized and upgraded at the same time. Horizontal machining center can fully meet the processing of these high processing requirements parts. Horizontal machining center is suitable for the mass production of products with more complex shape and high precision requirements, especially the processing of boxes and complex structural parts. In the automotive, aerospace, shipping and power generation industries are used in large numbers for the precision and processing of complex parts. This article will take you to understand how to properly select the accessories for horizontal machining center.

horizontal machining center

1. The number of coordinate axes and linked axes of horizontal machining center.

Both the number of coordinate axes and the number of linked axes should meet the processing requirements of typical parts. Generally speaking, for the same manufacturer, the same specification, the same precision horizontal machining center, increasing the standard coordinate axes will increase the price by about 30% to 50%. While increasing the number of axes can enhance the capabilities of a horizontal machining center, which is one of the hallmarks of the machine's class, the decision still needs to be balanced between process requirements and capital conditions.

2. horizontal machining center table.

horizontal machining centers can be equipped with indexing tables and CNC tables. The latter can be used for any indexing and as a B-axis for linkage control with other axes. Whether and how to configure the rotary table must be determined according to the actual needs, in order to be economical and practical.

3. Automatic tool changer (ATC) for horizontal machining center.

The choice of ATC mainly considers tool change time and reliability. Excessive emphasis on tool change time will greatly increase the price of machining centers and increase the failure rate.

According to statistics, about 50% of the failures of machining centers are related to ATC. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the usage requirements, try to choose ATC with high reliability to reduce the failure rate and cost of the whole machine.

4. horizontal machining center necessary parts and accessories.

When choosing the model, you should also pay attention to the selection of some accessories and fittings, and try to avoid the normal operation of the horizontal machining center because of the lack of accessories that can be purchased at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Careful selection of toolholders and cutting tools is also the key to ensure the normal operation of the horizontal machining center. The best selection method should be determined by the variety and number of typical parts required and added during use.

Among the components of a horizontal machining center, chip removal devices, protection devices and tool setting devices (such as tool pre-setters) are necessary. Very convenient and should be selected whenever possible, such as accessory milling heads, tool storage racks, tool transport carts, loaders and unloaders, etc.

The above is the knowledge about how to choose the correct accessories for horizontal machining center, if you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!

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