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CNC machining
 Dec 04, 2022|View:179

Cnc machining center in machine tools, cnc machining center has many uses, can complete some complex parts that conventional machine tools can not complete. Now let's introduce some applications of cnc machining center on machine tools!

1、 Modification of CNC milling machine:

An automatic feeding device is added to the CNC milling machine to change the original manual operation to automatic operation, thus reducing the amount of manual labor.

2、 Use the machine tool's own allowance to rough and finish the workpiece:

The traditional processing technology is to use the cutter teeth of the turning tool or milling cutter to cut off the excess materials on the workpiece before the subsequent turning and boring; The current practice is to rough and finish the material before turning or boring.

3、 Drill with drill instead of reamer:

The contact surface between the cutting edge of the drill and the workpiece is very small, so the cutting torque and feed rate can be reduced; At the same time, because the diameter of the drill bit is large and deep (such as φ 50~60), so it can effectively reduce tool wear and prolong tool life; In addition, the drilling depth can be adjusted by changing the rotation speed.

4、 Use tapping instead of rolling tool for surface treatment:

The tap has high precision and small friction resistance, and can be cut at a very thin position at high speed; Moreover, the chip removal is easy to clean.

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