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Car Manufacturing

A car needs thousands of molds. The manufacturing cycle and quality of molds directly affect the production cycle and quality of the car. High-speed milling has unique advantages in automobile manufacturing. In the past N years, high-speed milling has replaced ordinary milling and electric machining.

● Provide extremely efficient manufacturing lean machines

For many years, automobile manufacturers have used machines to produce various parts, including molds, transmission systems, pistons, camshafts, turbochargers and aluminum wheels. High speed horizontal hmc cnc machining center consistently provides high precision and powerful processing capabilities, and ultimately enables you to take advantage of redundant tools and incorporate them into tool life management. The machine tool product line provides the industry with unique advantages, because manufacturers can choose horizontal, vertical and double-column machining centers to build lean and well-integrated stable machine tool resources.

No matter which machine tool is most meaningful for your operation, our goal is to help our customers reduce the total cost of ownership and reduce the cost of each part as much as possible. This is why our machine is designed to let you create efficient processes, reduce downtime and meet mass demand.

The following functions can also help our automotive customers achieve their manufacturing objectives:

1. Manual scraping: each machine tool is manually scraped, which can produce more in a longer time

2. Intelligent technology: Our innovative technology can automatically compensate the ambient temperature and heat generated in the process of processing, so it can achieve high accuracy without the intervention of CNC machine operator.

3. CNC control: Our control is built using the open architecture platform based on. You can send production orders directly from the machine tool to the MRP system, use the scanned barcode to track production, and generate reports to share with the management team.

4. Customer service: With our huge distribution network, you can get 24/7/365 support

5. Partners: Through our first-class technical partners, we can effectively meet mass demand, such as in-process and post-process measurement, and provide seamless integration with peripheral devices such as measurement and robots.

● Application of machining center in automobile parts processing

1. It is applied to the production line of cylinder block, cylinder head, transfer case housing, crankshaft, gearbox housing, steering knuckle and other various parts, mainly showing high-quality comprehensive performance.

According to the output and customer requirements, the production line of high-speed machining center can be arranged into series (decentralized process flow), parallel (centralized process flow) and mixed teaching. At this stage, the layout of hybrid teaching is the most widely used in the production line of the automobile industry, which can achieve the best productivity, maintain good flexibility and credibility, and is beneficial to the production line layout when the installment payment is in large quantities. The total number of serial numerical control lathes with mixed teaching layout should be between 1 and 4.

At this stage, an effective production line for automobile parts should be a plan with the combination of specialization and flexibility. For example, for the processing of cylinder head and cylinder block of automobile diesel engine, the special-flexible integration plan can be summarized as follows:

(1) Plane processing: die casting - high-speed machining center; Aluminum die castings, cast iron castings - CNC milling machine.

(2) Medium and small round hole system, thread hole - high-speed machining center; Irregular and medium and small plane cutting - high-speed machining center.

(3) Key unique surface machining (boring cylinder hole, engine crankshaft hole, engine camshaft hole, long oil inlet) - flexible private aircraft or modular machine tool

2. The production line dominated by high-speed machining centers has the following characteristics:

(1) According to the requirements of production volume and the timely level of project investment, it is convenient to complete the project and gradually expand the machinery and equipment.

(2) There is no need to adjust and upgrade machinery and equipment on a large scale when changing the type of production and manufacturing. The production line invested and completed at one time can not only consider the requirements of the current sales market, but also consider the production and manufacturing requirements of new products in the future market.

(3) Because of its high cutting consumption, high tool feed rate and short auxiliary time such as tool change, the production and manufacturing are efficient.

Because most of the machines and equipment on the production line are made of the same model, which is easy to grasp, is conducive to maintenance and parts preparation in advance, and maintains a high equipment integrity rate.

●Five-axis machining accuracy is higher

1. Processing of deep cavity mold

When machining deep cavities, the three-axis machining center must lengthen the tool handle and tool, but the five-axis machining center can shorten the tool length appropriately through the additional rotation and swing of the workpiece or spindle head, thus preventing the collision between the tool and the tool bar and the cavity wall, reducing the tool shake and damage during processing, extending the tool service life, and greatly improving the surface quality and processing efficiency of the mold.

2. Processing of mold side wall

When machining the side wall, the tool length of the three-axis machining center is larger than the depth of the side wall. Increasing the length of the tool will significantly reduce the strength. If the tool length is greater than 3 times the diameter, the quality will be difficult to guarantee due to the tool phenomenon. The five-axis machining center can make use of the swing of the spindle or workpiece to make the tool and the mold side wall always present a vertical state, improve the quality of the workpiece and extend the service life of the tool.

3. Machining of flat surface of mold

When machining a flat surface, the three-axis machining center needs to use a ball cutter to finish milling to increase the tool path, but the linear speed of the center rotation of the ball-end cutter tool is almost zero. The degree of damage to the tool during mold processing is large, the service life will drop sharply, and the surface quality will also deteriorate. The application of five-axis machining center can be processed at a certain angle and increase the relative linear speed, which will not only improve the service life of the tool, but also greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

A. Engine

The automobile engine is the device that provides power for the automobile, is the heart of the automobile, and determines the power, economy, stability and environmental protection of the automobile.

B. Stability and environmental protection

Take the engine impeller as an example. It is the core component of the suffix "T" of the automobile displacement. Its function is to rotate at high speed and inject pressure on the engine cylinder to make the engine generate more power.

The cylinder block is the shell and assembly base of the engine. It is generally made of high-quality alloy cast iron or aluminum alloy. The cylinder wall should have effective high machining accuracy and low surface roughness.

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