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Environmental Protection Technology

Widespread promotion and application of new energy, wind power, green, environmental protection and energy conservation. With the application of wind power, wind power mold processing has also become a hot industry. Wind power molds are generally processed by high-speed machining centers. Due to the large area of wind power blades, the model is correspondingly large, the surface is relatively smooth, the root height drop is large, and the length generally varies from 37 meters to more than 80 meters. The mold processing accuracy is also high. Therefore, this requires that the machining accuracy of CNC machining center equipment should be high and the machining size should be large. This requires that the machining height of the five-axis machining center is about 4 meters and 6 meters, and the machining length of the machine tool is about 90 meters. With such a large travel span, the machining accuracy is required to be higher, and ± 0.5mm is required.

For such a large-span machining stroke, the large cnc vertical machining center and five-axis five-linkage machining center adopts the bridge-type gantry machining center, which has stronger equipment production force and higher machining accuracy, and effectively improves the machining speed while effectively ensuring the machining accuracy. The imported five-axis head and processing spindle can be used for fine processing of complex curved surfaces to ensure the surface smoothness of the workpiece and meet the processing requirements of casting wood mold and glass fiber reinforced plastic mold.

Five-axis five-linkage machining center is applicable to the processing of wind turbine blade mold. It has significant advantages for the intelligent processing of new composite materials such as yacht ship model, casting wood mold, lost foam mold, etc.

Large cnc vertical machining center for Environmental Protection Technology

1.Structure of wind turbine generator unit

CNC equipment is mainly used to process the main base, hub, main shaft, bearing seat, speed increaser and internal parts of generator.

2.Processing of large parts of wind turbine

The large parts of wind turbine generator mainly include the main base, hub, main shaft and bearing seat, among which, the processing of hub, main base and main shaft is the main technical difficulty of large parts processing.

a. Processing of wind turbine hub

b. Processing of wind power base

3.Wind power booster box

The gearbox of wind power equipment is mainly composed of box, planetary gear train and transmission mechanism. The gearbox is a large box with complex structure. The manufacturing of various components requires different machine tools and equipment for processing. The gearbox of megawatt wind power equipment has a diameter of about 2~3 meters according to the different power generation. Now most megawatt speed increase gearbox adopt the transmission mode of planetary plus fixed shaft gear, and the shell is mostly split structure.

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