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CNC vertical machining center Meet the professional processing needs of medical customers

For medical machinery processing, there are unique considerations in the use and selection of machine tools. He has decades of experience in the medical industry and has cooperated with the industry's top OEM and first -level suppliers. Therefore, we understand your special needs, such as how FDA certification and advanced manufacturing plans play a key role in your operation. In the end, we can provide a CNC machine tool solution to a balance between your part quality control and your company's maximum productivity.

When processing hip, knee joint, spine, and even medical device implants, you may have to handle longer cycle time and tough basic materials. Our multi -task processing machine is carefully built from scratch, which can cut the hardest materials, whether it is titanium, cobalt chromium alloy or surgical stainless steel. Our machine also has an innovative function, which can provide detailed responsibility systems and traceability for each part of the production, which is essential for strict and expensive requirements related to medical processing and FDA compliance.

In addition, the following features and functions can help our medical customers achieve its manufacturing goals:

CNC control: Our control is built using an open architecture platform based on Windows®. You can send production orders directly to the MRP system from the machine, track the production of scanned barcodes, and generate a report to share with the management team.

Advanced manufacturing: To help you meet the FDA certification requirements, we can provide advanced manufacturing "test fields". Our medical experts can develop and display the enhancement function here, so as to increase production and reduce costs in a reliable and repetitive manner.

Manual scraping: Since the surface of each machine is scraped by hand, you can produce more parts in a longer period of time. The result is to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and maximize your operating profitability.

Intelligent technology: From our cycle time shortening function to part responsibility system and traceability, our innovation aims to maximize efficiency and simplify your medical operations.

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