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Petroleum Energy

For many years, cnc vertical machining center has been committed to meeting the challenging needs of oil and energy manufacturers. As the only single source supplier in the industry, we manufacture the entire CNC processing system, including machines, drive units, motors, encoders, spindles, software and control systems, to provide a collaborative system that can provide higher reliability and performance. Our CNC machine is famous for its robustness and stability, even when threading long pipes at high speed, and the recorded record is 90 months of "mean time between failures", which directly translates into overall user profitability.

We provide a wide range of diversified machine tool products and configuration options for oil and energy, including various functions of horizontal machining center, five-axis machining center and overpass machining center. For example, our horizontal CNC five-axis machine tool, due to its high accuracy and reliability, is very suitable for the challenge of manufacturing directional drilling parts. The downhole instruments drive the increased pressure to produce solid pipes, threads and telemetry components, which can withstand the rigorous requirements of mapping and well construction; Changzhou Yongjin Machine Tool is ready to meet the challenge.

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CNC processing solutions are also used to produce parts suitable for various oil supplement applications, including:

◆ Oil well pipes, electricity, wind, medicine, precision, precision

◆ Oil couplet: Improve manufacturing efficiency by using automation

◆ Underground Instruments: The advantages of hard processing special materials

◆ Following pump: Forces under the severe conditions of hydraulic fracture

◆ Pump a pound of top components: oil pump, arm and pillar

◆ Modeling for drill bit: powerful processing solution for abrasive carbon materials in the molding mold

◆ Fishing product

◆ Military and civilian supplies

In addition, the following features and functions can help our oil and energy customers achieve their manufacturing goals:

CNC control: Our system control is constructed using the open architecture platform. You can send production orders directly from the machine to the system, track the production of scanned barcodes, and generate a report to share with the management team.

Nail machining kit: Our thread processing kit (threading phase matching, variable spindle speed thread processing harmonic spindle speed control) includes control technology designed for oil and energy CNC processing, which can achieve the most accurate, complete and efficient thread Process.

Manual scraping: Since the surface of each machine is scraped by hand, you can produce more parts in a longer period of time. The result is to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and maximize your operating profitability.

Intelligent technology: From our cycle time shortening function to part responsibility system and traceability, our innovation aims to maximize efficiency and simplify your petroleum/energy operation.

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