Non -defective parts are essential in mold processing. Our machines can provide excellent accuracy and surface smoothness for the micro -forming of automobiles, medical, packaging, household consumer goods and electronic components.

The machine tool is designed to meet the requirements of satisfying speed, reliability, shape accuracy, and surface smoothness. The performance is first -class.

Mold machines that meet various needs

Our CNC horizontal turning spindle machining centre combination is suitable for various mold manufacturing applications, from the vertical and horizontal processing center Tianqiao Dragon Gate, five -axis machine, and wire machine. Our mold application team will help you find a suitable solution for your company.

Challenge and needs of mold processing

The characteristics of mold manufacturing are long cycles and single -piece application of high -value workpieces. This process requires the maximum thermal stability to ensure accurate and seamlessly mixed shapes when running at the best speed.

Through our engineering technology and automation services, we strive to achieve unattended operations and shorten the cycle time. This means creating a predictable and stable process, capturing the processing time of unmanned worth, eliminating the needs of multiple settings, manual processing, and moving parts between machines. In addition, our excellent surface treatment eliminates time -consuming manual polishing steps. In short, you can get perfect parts in a shorter time.

In order to control quality and performance, we design and manufacture our own spindle, and process and assemble our structure internally. This enables us to provide mold/mold machine with the following characteristics:

Thermal stability platform

The main axis design is used for continuous use of the maximum RPM

Rigid machine structure can achieve the best dynamic accuracy

CNC horizontal turning spindle machining centre for Mold

When you start with high -quality machine tools, you delivered high -quality parts

In terms of mold processing, many tool manufacturers use the formula of time testing: quality input = quality output. This is why the discerning tool manufacturer also chose the mold machinery of Changzhou Yongjin Kaishi Tool: they put forward high standards for manufacturing quality, long -term accuracy and reliable performance. We have more than 30 years of experience in the mold industry and have cooperated with the most stringent factory in the industry, so we understand your professional needs. Moreover, as the only single source supplier in the industry, we provide machines with a complete integration system for our mold customers.

Machine tool manufacturers know that they are sturdy and heavy CNC machine tools. That's because we do not take shortcuts in building quality. All of our machines use high -quality cast iron. Our castings are naturally time -effective and there is no processing process. We have widely studied the best web design for casting and using those web designs that provide solid foundation to prevent harmonic horses that lead to tremor. Some machines even use the "hybrid rail system" to combine the box -type guide rail with the linear roller rail, which finally provides the best choice for two -way design.

In addition, the following features and functions can help our mold customers achieve its manufacturing goals:

CNC control: Our control is constructed using an open architecture platform. You can send production orders directly from the machine to the system, track the production of scanned barcodes, and generate a report to share with the management team.

Manual scraping: Since the surface of each machine is scraped by hand, you can produce more parts in a longer period of time. The result is to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and maximize your operating profitability.

Intelligent technology: From our cycle time shortening function to part responsibility system and traceability, our innovation aims to maximize efficiency and simplify your mold/mold operation.

As one of our specific advanced technologies, it provides a key advantage for the mold industry, including the use of ultra -high feed rates and providing smoother surface -no handmade fine processing is required.

"Not suitable" method: Due to the accuracy and repetitiveness of the machine tool, when the top or bottom components need to be replaced, it can be simply replaced with a ready -made one. Because the parts are already suitable, no matching or customized, your operation will not skip any beat.

Customer service: With our huge distribution network, you can get 24/7/365 all -weather support, dealers' parts inventory services.

Partners: Through our first -class technical partners, we can effectively meet a large number of needs, such as measurement in the process and after the process, and provide seamless integration with surrounding equipment such as measurement and robots.

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