4 axis cnc vertical machining center Using advanced technology and the best engineering process solutions, it provides the most accurate parts for aerospace, wind power, and engines with less changes and low costs.

Focusing on the market, it covers aerospace and its components, including aircraft structure components, turbine mechanical components and related (according to process and/or materials) products.

Aircraft structure component manufacturing

The machine size of the processing center is wide, flexible and adaptable, and it is very suitable for the manufacturing of aircraft components. The available machine platform can contain three -axis, four -axis, and five -axis, and the working area and itinerary can reach 20 meters -the maximum structural parts can be accommodated.

-Table the main axis speed and torque to process specific materials

-Suk the industry's leading performance for the processing of aircraft structures.

-Dymnaries can be integrated into the automation system.

Best 4 axis cnc vertical machining center for Aerospace price

Aviation engine manufacturing

Changzhou Yongjin Machine has a variety of specifications. It is an ideal choice for manufacturing aircraft engines and turbine mechanical parts, impeller, and leaves. Allows to perform traditional milling and drilling on the same machine. It also enables parts to process with the least settings to achieve the minimum public tolerance superposition and maximum accuracy.

Various sizes and spindle characteristics can be customized. The three -axis, four -axis, five -axis working area and itinerary can handle most engine parts, and can match the platform with the processing parts according to the size, characteristic geometric shapes and materials. The combination of high -performance motion control and high -performance axis features can create very accurate multi -axis movements, and at the same time, the outline, mobile features are characterized, or at the same time. This ability is particularly conducive to shaping the outline of the surface of the part. You can choose and optimize the spindle speed and torque for specific materials involved.

Such as: structural parts manufacturing, aluminum products, hard alloy products;

Manufacturing, milling products, grinding products of turbine mechanical parts;

Related parts, similar materials and geometric parts and electronic products, and semiconductors.

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