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Vertical Machining Center VMC VT Series
vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center VMC
vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center VMC
vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center VMC
vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center VMC
vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center VMC
vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center VMC

Vertical Machining Center VMC VT Series

VMC and VT series Vertical Machining Centers(vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center) are column-fixed, workbench movable structure, basic components are highly rigid, and moving components are lightweight, fully meeting the needs of users. It can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and other processes under one clamping. The standard 8000rpm belt-type spindle adopts a 1.5:1 deceleration to increase the torque by 50%. It is suitable for high-speed precision machining of small and medium-sized mechanical parts in general machinery, automobiles, aerospace, textile machinery and other industries. The vertical high-speed machining center series inherits our years of excellent quality and development experience in vertical machining centers, and can provide your customers with faster processing efficiency and higher processing quality.

  • 01

    The latest style of structural design has the best machine rigidity.

  • 02

    The three axes adopt powerful roller linear guides, which are strong, precise and durable.

  • 03

    The performance of a new generation of gearboxes guarantees cutting iron like mud.

  • 04

    Optional built-in high-speed spindle for precision mold processing.

  • 05

    Optional 90-degree head for five-sided machining for increased productivity.

A. Subdivy box

The main axis box design, which is particularly enhanced by the use of tendons. After many years of continuous improvement, it can reduce processing adhesion.

B. Subdivy

Using a special spindle, imported pre -pressure high -precision diagonal bead bearing is given to the maximum rigidity and maximum accuracy of the main axis, suitable for various processing occasions. According to the customer's needs, the matching spindle to 15000 rpm is 6000 rpm. At the same time, launching a high -precision electrical main shaft series applicable to different products

C. Workbether

The workbench adopts the negative rice -shaped tendon structure. The four corners use tensile tendons, which can better improve rigidity, stability and accuracy.

D. Base

The base is equipped with a four -sliding block position. The internal is based on the mechanical principle cloth × the reinforced tendon, which is divided into axial and radial force, so that the base has ultra -high rigidity and stability, and can be loaded. Screw

Use Taiwan -made precision P4 high -speed mute screw

E. column

Human -shaped column structure design, honeycomb -shaped enhanced reinforcement reinforcement and bending rigidity is used, which makes connection with the bed with ultra -high rigidity. Thank you for using the roller heavy load rail to improve the overall rigidity. In the case of heavy load, maintaining rigidity, accuracy, heavy dandruff and stabilizing the industry's strongest match, human -shaped column structure design. The curved degree makes the connection with the bed super high.

E. slide line rail

Rehabilitation and extended slider analyzes through the structural stress analysis of the finite element FEM, the optimalized roller 45 ° contact angle and high rigid section design, the excellent characteristics of its high rigid and high load, can better meet the high load processing high processing of high load processing high processing high. Accuracy application.

H. screw

Adopt imported precision P4 high -speed mute screws, and choose the diameter according to the model matching degree

I. Change the stability of the knife

The standard storage tank is equipped with the air path of the machine tool is not affected by the external gas source of the factory, thereby improving the stability of the spindle sword.

J. more intelligent design

K. Gravity shafts & emergency stop promotion: Increase the protection function of gravity shafts and improve the protection function. Under the condition of power -off & emergency stop, the spindle and the workpiece are prevented from colliding with the workpiece.

L. abnormal load detection function: The machine tool increases the anti -collision protection function and reduces damage to the spindle.

M. Intelligent knife preparation mode: The blade library has the function of preparation of the knife in advance. While processing, prepare the next knife, shorten the non -processing time, and improve the processing efficiency.

N. diverse crumbs

The diverse method of duplication meets the different needs of customers.

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Technical specificationsUnitVMC855CVMC955CVMC1160CVMC1270CVMC1370CVT1690DVT1690EVT1890DVT1890E
Working size (length*width)mm1000*5001000*5501300*6001300*6501400*7001700*8501700*8502000*9002000*900
X-axis travelmm8009001100118013001600160018001800
Y-axis travelmm500550600700700900900900900
Z axis travelmm550600650680700850850850850
Spindle end face to table distancemm120-670120-720150-800150-830160-910120-970120-970120-970120-970
T-slot widthmm5-18*805-18*1005-18*1105-18*1205-18*125 +2-18*1007-18*125
The distance from the center of the spindle to the column guidemm560600690725780935
Main motor powerkw7.5/1111/1515choose 15/22
Main motor maximum speed
8000 (choose 12000.15000)60006000500060005000
Fast movement speedm/min36/36/2431/31/2424/24/18
Maximum feed speedmm/min10000
Maximum load on the workbenchkg600100012501800
positioning accuracyExecution standard GBmm0.010.012
Execution standard JIS0.0050.005
RepeatabilityExecution standard GB
Execution standard JISmm0.00250.0025
Knife handle model
BT40BT40.BT50BT50BT50 gearBT50BT50 gear
Blade capacitypiecechoose 24/32choose 24/30
Change the knife time (knife to the knife)Disc seriess1.83
Doujiao knife library710
The maximum diameter of the toolmm80/110120/180
The maximum length of the toolmm300400
Maximum knifekg1018
CNC system
Gas sourcebar6~6.56~7
Machine tool weightkg50005500780082001050013000135001350013800


Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories
Spindle speed BT40,8000Spindle speed BT40,10000/12000
Spindle speed BT50,6000Spindle speed BT50,8000/10000
Main shaft and servo motor load display30/32 cam magazine
Spindle and servo overload protection40 cam magazine
Rigid tappingThree-axis grating detection device
24 cam magazineWorking measurement system
Fully enclosed protective coverTool measuring system
Electronic handwheelSpindle internal cooling
Automatic lubrication systemCNC rotary table
Spindle tool cooling systemChain chip conveyor

Tool length setter and hand

Oil-water separator

Spindle cooling device

Spindle center water outlet


The vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center is equipped with a variety of types of cradle -type 3+2 five -axis turns. The advantage of the transition 3+2: provides additional flexibility. Use a single setting to create complex components. Reduce the opportunity to make mistakes and waste time when scrap. There is no need to process 5 additional fixtures. Improve accuracy and shorten the cycle time.

Application of 3 axis cnc vertical machining center

vmc 1060 cnc Vertical Machining Center is suitable for complex, multi -process, high accuracy requirements, multiple types of ordinary machine tools and multiple knives and workers. After multiple clamps and adjustments, the processing can be completed with appropriate batches.
Mainly processing complicated curved parts, alien parts, plates, sleeves, and plate parts such as boxes and impeller plates. Widely used in products in precision molds, precision parts, hardware, wind power, auto parts, aerospace, shipping, shipping, national defense and other fields.

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