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Five-axis Machining Center VSM Series
5 axis cnc vertical/horizontal machining center
5 axis cnc vertical/horizontal machining center

Five-axis Machining Center VSM Series

5 axis cnc vertical/horizontal machining center VSM series is produced and processed with precision technology. All accessories are supplied by high-quality suppliers. The equipment is stable and the production and processing are accurate and efficient. The gantry bridge structure with high rigidity is adopted. The gantry electric drive, high dynamic characteristics, modular design, high speed and high efficiency, as well as good dynamic and static rigidity and stability, is suitable for high-speed five-axis machining of almost all light alloys, non-ferrous metals and all non-metallic materials' three-dimensional contour surfaces.

  • 01

    The machine tool adopts C-type structure, mainly composed of base, main column, middle carriage, Y-axis ram, Z-axis ram, bridge and workbench.

  • 02

    The middle carriage is installed on the column to realize X-axis movement; Y-axis ram is installed on the middle carriage to realize Y-direction movement; The Z-axis ram is installed on the Y-axis ram to realize the up and down movement of the Z-axis. The bridge is supported at both ends, the main bearing end is supported on the column, and the tailstock is supported on the base to realize the B-axis swing; The workbench is installed on the bridge to realize the rotation movement of C-axis.

  • 03

    The rotation axis C drives the movement of the workpiece, while the X, Y and Z axes drive the tool movement. The definition of each axis is as follows; The X axis is horizontal and parallel to the outer protective front door, the Y axis is horizontal and perpendicular to the X axis, and the Z axis is perpendicular to the plane formed by the XY axis. The highly rigid structure can ensure the rapid and accurate movement of each axis. The oscillating axis B is perpendicular to the Y axis, and the rotating axis C is perpendicular to the Z axis.

  • 04

    The solid cast iron structure can ensure that the cutting force and the gravity of the machine tool itself can be well absorbed by the machine tool, thus ensuring the high accuracy of processing.

  • 05

    The three linear axes of the machine tool adopt heavy-load linear guide rail, which can provide high dynamic performance and the highest accuracy.

  • 06

    The three linear shafts are directly connected with the ball screw. Servo motor and ball screw can make the stroke motion with the highest contour accuracy have the maximum power.


 Serial number Name Unit VSM-500U VSM-1000U
 1 X/Y/Z stroke
 mm 500/450/450 1000/900/800
 2 B-axis swing angle ° -1 -1
 3 C-axis rotation angle ° n*360 n*360
 4 Table size mm Φ500 Φ1000
 5 Workbench bearing 5/3 axis kg 300/350 600/700
 6 T-slot (slot number * slot width * spacing) mm 7-14*63 7-22*80
 7 Distance from spindle end face to workbench mm 150-600 150-950
 8 Spindle specification
 BT40/HSK-A63 BT40/HSK-A63
 9 X/Y/Z fast moving speed m/min 30/30/30 24/24/30
 10 B/C fast forward speed rpm 30/120 30/120
 11 X/Y/Z positioning accuracy mm 0.008 0.01
 12 X/Y/Z repeated positioning accuracy mm 0.005 0.005
 13 B/C positioning accuracy (with grating) " 12/8 12/8
 14 B/C repetitive positioning accuracy (with grating) " 6/4 6/4
 15 Overall dimension mm 3280*2680*3250 6080*5820*4250
 16 Weight Τ 9.8 16.2


Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories
Rotary tableElectric spindle 24000 rpm
Oscillating axle B32 cam magazine
Rotation axis C-axis40/60 chain tool magazine
B, C Two-axis torque motorFive-axis grating ruler
Direct spindleOil-water separator
Working water cooling and air coolingCooling-water machine
Automatic lubrication systemFive-axis five-linkage system
Chain chip conveyorTool measuring system
Spindle oil coolerWorkpiece measuring system
Fully enclosed protective coverWorkpiece measuring system
Electronic handwheelRemote control handwheel
Five-axis four-linkage


Q: Which parts are suitable for five-axis machining center?

1. High machining accuracy, complex shape and structure, especially parts with complex curves, curves and contours, or box-shaped or shell-shaped parts with unopened cavities.

2. 5 axis cnc vertical/horizontal machining center Parts with multiple processes such as milling, drilling, reaming, planing or tapping must be completed in one clamping.

3. Parts that are expensive and difficult to obtain are not allowed to be scrapped.

4. Machining parts with low productivity, high labor intensity and difficult quality control on ordinary machine tools.

5. Military components or components with multiple varieties, specifications, single parts and small batch production are used for modification comparison and performance or function test.

4. Machining parts with low productivity, high labor intensity and difficult quality control on ordinary machine tools.

5. Mil

If you need to produce a batch of products, you need fast feed motion of the machine tool; Or if you need to process molds with multiple specifications and small batches, we can customize the configuration according to your needs.

Applications of 5 axis cnc vertical/horizontal machining center

A. Spindle

The structure of the headstock is strengthened with internal tendons and bones. It adopts P4 ultra-precision bevel angle, ball bearing and large-span support design, so that the spindle can withstand strong radial and axial thrust, and eliminate the vibration generated under heavy load cutting;
It is equipped with a famous Taiwan brand spindle, with a direct-connected maximum speed of 12000 rpm. The nose end of the spindle is designed to cooperate with the air curtain of the spindle to prevent debris from entering and ensure the accuracy and service life of the spindle. Improve the service life of bearing and reduce the impact of thermal deformation of main shaft on machining accuracy.

B. Turntable

It is directly driven by torque motor, with no wear, good accuracy retention, and high dynamic characteristics such as speed and acceleration;
The motion axis is equipped with Heidelberg or Renishaw high-precision absolute value circular grating, the measured positioning accuracy is within 10 ″, and the repeated positioning accuracy is within 5 ″;
A and C axes are respectively equipped with high-torque pneumatic and hydraulic locking mechanisms, which can meet the requirements of five-sided powerful milling.
YRT high rigidity turntable bearing is adopted for Axis A and C, and double-end support is adopted for Axis A, so the overall structural rigidity is high.

C. Guide rail and transmission parts

The X, Y and Z axes adopt the Taiwan roller linear slide rail, which has the characteristics of high strength, low noise and low friction, and can make rapid displacement and obtain the best circular accuracy. The X-axis and Z-axis adopt six standard sliders, which have good rigidity, high precision and strong heavy cutting ability.

D. Drive parts

Germany FAG or Japan NSK precision bearing and Taiwan high-quality precision ball screw are adopted. The installation of the ball screw adopts the pre-stretching process, which can improve the rigidity of the transmission parts, eliminate the elongation of the ball screw caused by the thermal stress effect during the temperature rise of the ball screw during operation, and improve the accuracy retention of the machine tool in long-term use.

E. Lubrication

The guide rail and ball screw adopt the centralized automatic lubrication system, which can inject oil to each lubricating part regularly and quantitatively to ensure the uniform lubrication of each moving surface, effectively reduce the friction resistance, improve the movement accuracy, and ensure the service life of the guide rail and ball screw.

F. Machine tool protection

The machine tool is fully enclosed, and the guide rail is protected by stainless steel telescopic shield, which has good protective performance and long service life, effectively preventing iron chips and coolant from entering the machine tool to damage the guide rail and lead screw.

G. Quality assurance

During fuselage assembly, each process is subject to quality control according to the national standard tolerance of 100%, which effectively reduces the overall deviation caused by accumulated error. After completing the system assembly, carry out 72-hour copying operation and monitor the noise, vibration, rapid movement, tool change and other indicators. Advanced instruments such as laser interferometer, ball-bar instrument, dynamic balance instrument and coordinate measuring instrument are used to test the machine tool, carry out parts trial processing test, heavy cutting test and rigid tapping test, and ensure that all performances meet the high-quality factory requirements.
Five-axis vertical machining center is especially suitable for efficient and high-precision machining of parts and components in aerospace, cutting tools, precision molds, medical devices, new energy vehicles, semiconductors and other industries.
VSM can integrate turning function module, ultrasonic machining module, grinding function module and other modules on the basis of milling function. It is a compound and modular high-performance five-axis product that meets customers' multi-process integration requirements.

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