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Fixed Table Double Columns Machining Center DMK-B Series
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Fixed Table Double Columns Machining Center DMK-B Series

We offer superior 5 axis gantry cnc for high-precision and high-efficiency machining. Our 5 axis gantry machines provide the perfect combination of versatility, stability, and seismic resistance. With cnc gantry machine advanced features and robust construction, 5 axis gantry cnc,cnc gantry machine and 5 axis gantry machine are designed to meet the demands of complex machining tasks, delivering exceptional accuracy and surface finish. Experience the cutting-edge technology and reliability of our 5 axis gantry machines by contacting us today.

DMK series is a processing center(double column machining center) for molds and long-axis aviation products, which can achieve an effective processing distance of 21 meters. Its unique rigidity enables it to meet the requirements of high-precision machining of moulds and high-speed and high-efficiency heavy-duty machining. The closed-loop system of the whole CNC machine tool has extremely high dynamic response, can obtain higher processing efficiency and processing accuracy and longer precision life, and provide superior seismic performance, providing a perfect solution for high-precision and high-efficiency processing of molds and aviation boxes.

We specialize in providing superior solutions for high-precision and high-efficiency machining, offering state-of-the-art 5 axis gantry cnc and cnc gantry machine that delivers exceptional performance and seismic resistance.

1.5 axis gantry cnc

Our 5 axis gantry cnc are at the forefront of advanced machining technology. These cnc gantry machines are designed to provide versatility and precision, enabling simultaneous machining on multiple axes. With the ability to rotate and tilt the cutting tool, our 5 axis gantry cnc offer enhanced flexibility and efficiency in complex machining operations. They are capable of producing intricate shapes and achieving tight tolerances with ease.

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Our cnc gantry machines are renowned for their robust construction and excellent stability. The gantry structure provides exceptional rigidity and vibration dampening, ensuring superior cutting accuracy and surface finish. The cnc gantry machine's gantry design allows for large workpieces to be securely clamped and machined with precision. Whether you are working with metal, wood, or composite materials, our cnc gantry machines deliver consistent and reliable results.

3.Superior Seismic Performance

In addition to precision and efficiency, our 5 axis gantry machines excel in their seismic resistance. The machines are engineered to withstand external vibrations and provide a stable machining environment. This feature is particularly crucial in areas prone to seismic activity, ensuring uninterrupted operations and consistent machining accuracy. With our 5 axis gantry machines, you can confidently tackle demanding machining tasks regardless of the external conditions.

4.Perfect Solution for High Precision and Efficiency

Our 5 axis gantry machines are the perfect solution for achieving high precision and efficiency in machining operations. The simultaneous multi-axis machining capability eliminates the need for multiple setups, reducing production time and increasing productivity.Cnc gantry machine's combination of advanced control systems, high-quality components, and robust construction ensures exceptional accuracy, surface finish, and overall machining performance.

  • 01

    The machine tool structure adopts the symmetrical overhead bridge gantry frame type, the driving center of gravity is close to the center of the moving parts, the overturning moment is small, and the quality of the moving parts is stable and stable, and is not affected by the weight of the workpiece, which is convenient for high-speed and high-precision control.

  • 02

    Each linear axis of the machine tool is controlled by double drive rings, and the X and Y axes are controlled by electric clearance elimination of screw drive motor, which can realize precise motion control.

  • 03

    The application of the optional direct-drive motor further improves the fast operation of the x-axis and y-axis and the efficient and precise stability accuracy. The matched precision grating is used to match the CNC system to achieve the closed-loop function. The overall system performance improves the geometric accuracy.

  • 04

    Z axis adopts lead screw synchronous drive control technology, and gantry Z axis with balance cylinder structure has higher dynamic performance and motion accuracy.

  • 05

    The screw nut of Z-axis is cooled separately to reduce the influence of thermal deformation on the precision of Z-axis.

A. Spindle

According to the requirements of customers' products, the main shaft can choose gear structure with high rigidity and high rigidity, and electric main shaft with high speed and high precision, which has good comprehensive performance, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and low vibration.
The mechanical spindle with high rigidity is adopted, and the two-speed gearbox can obtain greater cutting torque to meet the requirements of low-speed and high-torque heavy cutting.
The selected power distribution spindle is used to operate smoothly and process parts with high smoothness, and the matching degree between the tool and the system is more stable and reliable.

B. High-speed nut rotation drive technology and direct drive technology

The machine tool can be equipped with 3 sets of ball screw structure, and adopts the company's innovative and optimized screw rotating nut drive structure, which has the characteristics of small inertia, less heat, high drive efficiency and high dynamic response performance.
The machine tool can be equipped with xy with direct drive technology.

C. The machine tool can be equipped with grating synchronization control

The three axes of the machine tool adopt the synchronous drive technology of motor and screw rod. The shaft dynamic response performance is further improved. At the same time, grating synchronous control technology is adopted to achieve high-precision and low-cost control.

D. The machine tool is equipped with direct-drive motor synchronous control technology

When X axis adopts double drive and Y axis adopts single drive, grating ruler must be used for full closed-loop control to greatly improve the measurement sampling speed, measurement accuracy and control vibration interference.

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Technical specificationsUnitDMK52-9DMK52-12DMK52-18DMK52-21DMK81-18DMK81-21DMK81-25DMK81-25A
Workbench (length * width)mm9100*400012000*400018000*400021000*400018000*650021000*650025000*650025000*6500
Maximum load of workbenchT/㎡33333333
T-slot (slot number * slot width * spacing)mm28*20028*20028*20028*20028*20028*20028*20028*200
Door widthmm52005200520052008100810081008100
X -axis/Y -axis/Z axis (Square pillow)Cm910*550*1501200*550*1501800*550*1502100*550*1501800*810*2102100*810*2102500*810*2102500*810*210
Distance from spindle end face to work tablemm800-2300800-2300800-2300800-2300800-2900800-2900800-2900800-2900
CNC systemSIEMENS  Mitsubishi  FANU  China-China system
X/Y/Z axis fast displacementmm/min1-80001-80001-80001-80001-80001-80001-80001-8000
Maximum cutting feed speedmm/min1-80001-80001-80001-80001-80001-80001-80001-8000
Automatic tool change system (optional or chain)Chain-typeChain-typeChain-typeChain-typeChain-typeChain-typeChain-typeChain-type
Number of standard tools (optional)pcs./kg30/40/60pcs./1830/40/60pcs./1840/60/10pcs./2040/60/100pcs./2040/60/100pcs./2040/60/100pcs./2040/60/100pcs./2040/60/100pcs./20
Maximum tool diameter/lengthmm210/400210/400210/400210/400210/400210/400210/400210/400
Positioning accuracy (Ruler ruler) 20000.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.015
Repetitive positioning accuracy (Ruler ruler) 20000.0120.0120.0120.0120.0120.0120.0120.012
Three -axis guide railmm55/55/Hard track55/55/Hard track55/55/Hard track55/55/Hard track55/55/Hard track55/55/Hard track55/55/Hard track55/55/Hard track
Three -axis screw (Square pillow)mmRack/80/63Rack/80/63Rack/80/63Rack/80/63Rack/80/63Rack/80/63Rack/80/63Rack/80/63
Z-axis guide rail (optional square ram)500*500500*500500*500500*500500*500500*500500*500500*500
Spindle specification (model/installation diameter),
rotating shampoo, maximum speed
Gear / electric spindleGear / electric spindleGear / electric spindleGear / electric spindleGear / electric spindleGear / electric spindleGear / electric spindleGear / electric spindle
Spindle motor power (Optional 30/37,37/51KW)22/2622/2622/2622/2622/2622/2622/2622/26
Three-axis motor powerkw7/7/77/7/77/7/77/7/77/7/77/7/77/7/77/7/7
Air demandkg/cm26.
Power demandKVA120120120150150150150250
Machine weightΤ138155188210210230255285
Overall dimensions of the machine
(length * width * height)


double column machining center Structure Diagram

1. Spindle motor with gearshift reducer
2. Spindle ram
3. Spindle ram pressing plate
4. Extended range ram pressing plate
5. Extended ram
6. Middle bracket
7. Incremental feed lead screw pair
8. Spindle feed lead screw pair
9. Balance cylinder rod
10. Extended ram clamping cylinder
11. Beam

When sliding the pillow gear box is a square slip pillowSpeed speed 20/3000 rpm, rated torque 1100, maximum torque 2300
When sliding the pillow gear box is a square slip pillowSpeed speed 20/6000 rpm, rated torque 570, maximum torque 850
Working table length is greater than 1.8 metersBoth can be configured with double spindle and double beam structure


Double column machining center is applicable to parts with appropriate batch size that are complex, have many processes, require high precision, need to use various types of ordinary machine tools and various tools and tooling, and can be processed only after many times of clamping and adjustment.It mainly processes complex curved parts, special-shaped parts, discs, sleeves, plates and other parts such as box and impeller blades. It is widely used in precision molds, precision parts, hardware, auto parts, aerospace, shipbuilding, national defense and other fields.

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