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  • Vertical Machining Center VMC VT SeriesVertical Machining Center VMC VT Series
  • Fixed Double Columns Machining Center GTM SeriesFixed Double Columns Machining Center GTM Series
  • Fixed Table Double Columns Machining Center DMK-A SeriesFixed Table Double Columns Machining Center DMK-A Series
  • Fixed Table Double Columns Machining Center DMK-B SeriesFixed Table Double Columns Machining Center DMK-B Series
  • Horizontal Machining Center H SeriesHorizontal Machining Center H Series
  • Five-axis Machining Center VSM SeriesFive-axis Machining Center VSM Series
<span>· ABOUT COMPANY ·</span><br><span>Yongjin CNC Technic</span>
Yongjin CNC Technic
For more than two decades, Yongjin Precision has created innovative processing centers to meet the strictest requirements of global manufacturers. By combining the best practice of decades of practical experience, the high degree of personal concern for details and the latest technological progress, Yongjin Precision created a series of horizontal, vertical and flyover five -axis processing centers. Provide higher productivity adaptability, accurate and reliable long -term performance.

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  • Customization Capability, One-stop Solution
    Customization Capability, One-stop Solution
    Customization Capability, One-stop Solution

    Strictly implement ISO9000 management system, and conduct closed-loop management on product design, manufacturing and quality. It has professional test equipment and management process to ensure product quality.

  • Craftsman Spirit
    Craftsman Spirit
    Craftsman Spirit

    Hand-scraped and hand-assembled parts achieve true geometric tolerances and extend machine life. Designing and manufacturing equipment precisely from the ground up, there are no shortcuts when it comes to design.


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We used to run N shifts according to the capacity, but now we run in one shift and still keep up with the demand. In addition, since we improved the process in 2021, the output has increased, so our productivity has basically increased by more than 100%.

Lurch Schpellchek


There is only one machine tool and machine tool manufacturer in the world that fully represents my view on the future of CNC industry, that is, the next generation of control system and the latest generation of direct drive machine tools.



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